Retail Trade Area

The McAlester Retail Trade Area stretches beyond City limits and includes residents living in a multi-county region. For these patrons, McAlester represents the largest available regional hub that can satisfy their specialty good needs.

McAlester Primary Trade Area

Retail Market Population Estimates
City of McAlester 18,374
Primary Trade Area 70,934
60-Mile Radius 283,061
 Primary Trade Area - Households
Total Households (HH)  28,115
Median Home Value $83,183
Owner-Occupied Rate 73%
 Primary Trade Area - Income
Average HH Income $52,101
Median HH Income $38,678
Primary Trade Area - Education
High School/Some College 28,947 
Associate/Bachelors 8,593 
Graduate/Professional 2,218 


McAlester Community Analysis